Touring history…

through the woods by Akwelle Vallis
Rushed over to Mount Vernon after reading a newspaper article: “In Search of the Slave Who Defied George” (Read here by clicking the underlined link)
Despite the cloud cover, it was strangely warm for February.
Throughout the tour, I thought about my maternal great great grandparents Frank and Lucinda.  Frank was born a slave in Kentucky.  His father/slave master promised him his freedom when he turned 13.  When his father/master changed his mind, great great grandpa Frank ran away.  He was never captured and returned.  This was the era of the Fugitive Slave Act  (Read more by clicking the underlined link)  Great great grandpa Frank fought in the Colored Troops Division (read more by clicking the underlined link) during the Civil War.  He lived to be 100 years old!